How can you tap into the AI and live video opportunity to deliver an outstanding candidate experience and make exceptional hiring decisions? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and live video are taking the world of human resources and recruitment by storm. While AI on its own promises to cut time and costs through automation, when paired with live video, innovators in the recruitment space are creating all new exciting data driven experiences which result in exceptional hiring decisions and business success.

In this guide, you will:

  • Learn how innovators in HR and recruitment are making smarter hiring decisions by combining AI and live video techniques such as natural language processing, remote live video interviews, voice and text recognition, facial recognition and big data analysis
  • Get a glimpse of the huge opportunity of AI + live video for HR innovators backed by data
  • Discover how AI and live video can work together and the possibilities for your business, product, and the hiring managers and candidates who use it
  • Understand how AI and live video can impact the day in the life of a recruiter and candidate.